Digital Photo - Ramón González de la Torre

Digital Photo

Por Ramón González de la Torre

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2013-03-22
  • Género: Fotografía


Make learning practical and fun. Try out the functions on your camera using this book. This book makes use of the possibilities of your iPad to join theory and practice in a more entertaining way. 

This book is for users who have a digital camera and who have sometimes wondered if having a better camera would help get greater results. I would say so, though I would have to add that learning to use the one they already have will yield even better results.

There are many printed books about photography out there. The possibilities that having this book in the form of an eBook offer makes it interactive and, therefore, easy when explaining them, and of course, when learning them.

This book doesn't assume that you have any experience in photography, just that you want to learn more.

1 Which camera should I buy?
1.1 Compact cameras
1.2 Bridge cameras
1.3 EVIL cameras
1.4 DSLR

2 Parts of a Camera
2.1 Parts of a compact
2.2 Parts of a bridge
2.3 Parts of an EVIL
2.4 Parts of a DSLR
2.5 When the size is important

3 Automatic shooting mode
3.1 Landscape Mode
3.2 Portrait Mode
3.3 Night Scene Mode
3.4 Macro mode
3.5 Auto mode

4 Creative Shooting Mode
4.1 Program mode
4.2 Shutter speed priority
4.3 Tips for Image Stabilization
4.4 Shutter speeds
4.5 Aperture Priority
4.6 Manual mode
4.7 ISO sensitivity and noise

5 Framing
5.1 Framing
5.2 Composition rules

6 Focus
6.1 How to focus
6.2 Face detection

7 Exposure
7.1 Measuring the Light
7.2 AutoExposure-Lock
7.3 Overexposure and Underexposure

8 The Color of the Light
8.1 Correcting colour

9 Shooting Modes
9.1 Single shot
9.2 Continuous Shooting
9.3 Continuous Shooting
9.4 Remote control

10 Lenses
10.1 Multiplication factor and focal length
10.2 The kit lens
10.3 Tele zoom
10.4 Zoom
10.5 Multi-purpose lens
10.6 Fixed Lenses
10.7 Macro lens

11 Flash
11.1 Modeling with Light

12 Special Techniques
12.1 HDR
12.2 Panoramic photography
12.3 Simulating Miniatures

13 Storing and Printing
13.1 Downloading and Classification
13.2 Develop
13.3 Publishing photos

14 Video
14.1 Tips for Recording Videos

15 Accessories 
15.1 Storage and batteries
15.2 Stabilizers
15.3 Transport
15.4 Filters
15.5 Geotagging
15.6 Underwater Accessories


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    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to strengthen their knowledge